Sponsored Travel from Illinois to D.C.

Hello folks!

If you or someone you know wants to join the Women's March on Washington, but cannot afford to pay for the bus ticket to D.C., please consider some of the following options for sponsored travel.

We have RISE Party organizing buses from Chicago (and hopefully soon in wider Illinois) - get a free seat on a RISE Party bus in return for being a vocal ambassador for RISE! To learn more, click here:

Get on the bus with Rise Party!

Here are several online fundraising campaigns started by awesome Illinoisans to help marchers in need! The links are organized by the cities that the fundraising campaigns serve. Please consider contributing to them if you can, and direct others to do the same. Also, reach out directly to the folks organizing them if you need sponsorship for travel to D.C.


CHICAGO (LOOP, BEVERLY): Wendy Serrino's GoFundMe for Illinois Marchers

Here's the application to get on one of the above buses through Wendy's GoFundMe campaign: Application

WEST CENTRAL ILLINOIS: https://goo.gl/Oh45GW

BLOOMINGTON/NORMAL: https://goo.gl/bKQVq3

URBANA: https://goo.gl/fXsHic


In Solidarity,

Women's March on Washington - Illinois Chapter

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