WMW Illinois Merchandise and EVENTBRITE!

Dear Illinois Marchers!

We are so proud and excited to launch merchandise that is specific to us Illinoisans! Please visit the following link to buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, and/or crewneck shirts from our campaign on Bonfire.com

Get your Women's March - Illinois shirts here!

All proceeds will go directly towards costs that the Illinois chapter is incurring in preparing our state for the march. Whatever funds remain will go towards sponsoring marchers from Illinois who cannot afford a bus seat to go to D.C. We want to be 100% transparent on this process as organizers for Illinois and will post regular updates on exactly how the proceeds are used.

We are so grateful for all of you - please know that not only will this be an amazing way for you to show off proudly that you hail from Illinois, it will be an amazing memorabilia for years to come, and you are HELPING ILLINOIS ORGANIZERS AND MARCHERS!

On a different note, we have an Eventbrite event to register Illinois marchers who will be attending the march. Please register here:

Please Register on the Illinois Eventbrite here!

It’s free, of course, since there are no tickets for this march. However, this is a great way for us to gauge how many people are going from Illinois and also a wonderful way for us to keep in touch with you both before and after the march!

Warm hugs and happy holidays to you all!

In Solidarity,

Women’s March on Washington - Illinois Chapter

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Twitter: @womensmarchIL

Instagram: @womensmarchillinois

Email us: illinois@womensmarch.com